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OUR MISSION: To ignite within
students a desire for knowledge of
science, equipping them for
success in the modern era.

Equip: verb a. To furnish with necessities: tools, provisions, or knowledge.  b. To supply with the qualities necessary for performance. 
Prepare  d. Provide.  e. Qualify


Equip your students      

              Equip your children

Equip yourself            

               Equip your world



Since the mid-1970's dB Levels has been designing and creating portable and fixed, automated test solutions to telecommunications providers, power and water utilities, leading integration companies, the FAA, NASA and the US Navy.

"If It Moves, It Measures"  For over thirty years we have determined methods for measuring anything that moves, whether physical, electrical, dimensional, numerical or optical.

dB Levels is currently under long-term contract and not accepting additional work at this time.

Keep It Simple Stupid

The hallmark of our efforts is the ability to automate multiple complex, cascading tasks and processes, providing quick, simple analysis that drives engineers and techicians to the exact point of failure with the least amount of user input.  We take all the human skills and knowledge associated with multiple complex testing processes, combining them into a single, AI environment, reducing the time training required to restore critical network faults.

Use All Your Resources

  • Leverage your investment in legacy systems
  • Reduce downtime and training requirements caused by employee turnover


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